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Ceycarb began its operation with the view of helping to bring a safer and greener world by providing high quality products, services and cost-effective solutions. Ceycarb, as a global company, leading the way for all type of purification solutions with activated carbon and some other high-tech products.

Global Company with
All type of Activated Carbon Solutions

Ceycarb manufactures wide range of activated carbon products including GAC, PAC and Pallet carbons which are manufactured from coconut shell, coal and wood.

Further, value added products which are manufactured through specific and advanced technologies, equipment and technical services are also provided to solve your problems. Where ever you are and whatever your purification problem, Ceycarb is always there to help you. Ceycarb customers are all over the world are adequately served in their purification needs by our team which comprises of specialists, researchers, consultant engineers and other well trained committed staff.


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Innovative Solutions

Ceycarb (Pvt) Ltd provides innovative solutions through tailor-made activated carbon products, equipment and consultancies while reducing the cost, optimizing processes, and specially protecting people and their environment by creating greener and safer world.
In addition, the company’s Consultant Engineers provide consultancy services for activated carbon applications in various industries, design required treatment apparatus, and provide guidance for better and efficient use of activated carbon systems to meet specific customer requirement and advance treatment systems.


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