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Wastewater in petroleum industry is contaminated with Phenol, Benzene, heavy metals and combination of BTX. BOD level of the water reads as 150 – 250 mg/l while that of COD reads as 300 – 600 mg/l.

Ceycarb offers catalytic products for the efficient removal of hydrocarbons, Phenols, Amoniacal Nitrogen, BTX and heavy metals. Moreover, the products are capable of reducing BOD and COD levels down to a value very much below the environmental standards.

In addition, problems such as Objectionable sulfur taste, “Rotten egg” odour, Corrosion in drainage pipe and Corrosion in concrete sewers are associated with wastewater which contains Sulfur compounds. Ceycarb offers products and services to solve these problems in cost effectively.

 Ceycarb GAC products are used in fixed bed filters or in a pseudo-moving bed configuration while PAC products are used in combination with activated sludge process and in coagulation/ flocculation tanks.