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Ceycarb (Pvt) Ltd was established for supplying tailor-made activated carbon products solutions for optimizing processes and specially for protecting people and their environment by creating greener and safer world.

We, Ceycarb (Pvt) Ltd manufacture various types of activated carbon products using advance technologies for following applications.

    Water and Process Fluids
    Air and Gas
    Precious Metal Recovery
    Food and Beverages

The Company possesses advance value added techniques for base activated carbon in order to manufacture tailor-made products for various applications. Total   Production capacity of our facilities is 9000MT of coconut shell base and 4500 MT of coal base activated carbon products per annum.  Under this production facility, the company manufactures Granular activated carbon ( GAC ), powdered activated carbon ( PAC ) and value added products like Acid washed and impregnated activated carbon. In addition, the company’s Consultant Engineers provide consultancy services for activated carbon applications in various industries, design required treatment apparatus, and provide guidance for better and efficient use of activated carbon systems to meet specific customer requirement and advance treatment systems, providing innovative solutions to our customers.