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Waste water treatment has become very important now a days and activated carbon consumption for adsorption of toxic substances and pollutants that are not easily bio-degradable , and removal of micro pollutants, COD  and AOX (Adsorbable Organic Halogens  ) colour and odour  gaining steadily in importance.

Ceycarb offers wide range of products both in powder and granular forms for waste water treatment applications such as PACT process, physio-chemical water treatment processes etc.

These products are widely used in petroleum, textile, sugar and paper industries.

Removing of odours emitted from waste water and sewage treatment plants

Waste water and sewage treatment plants emit  malodours compounds which are needed to be removed before it spread to the atmosphere.

Ceycarb offers you different grades of activated carbon products to eliminate such malodourus compounds such as Ammonia, H2S , mercaptans , aldihydes , methylamine , acetic acid , organic vapours etc.