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higher yield in considerably shorter periods

Precious Metal Recovery

In Gold and Silver recovery processes, over 95% of the coarse carbon in service is steam-activated coconut-based carbon. Ceycarb has developed coconut shell-based activated products CEGC 6-Series and CEGC 8-Series for gold recovery processes, which enables higher yield in considerably shorter periods. Since all gold plants desire maximum recovery of gold values at minimum operating cost while operating steady-state performance, CEGC products give the perfect solution. It is highly porous, has a very large area, and has specific adsorption properties toward gold and silver. It is very high hardness gives low losses during metal recovery and makes it suitable for multi regeneration. High gold adsorption capacity, high gold adsorption rate, high attrition resistance, low platelet content, strict size distribution, and desorption ability in an elution circuit of these products give lots of advantages in precious metal recovery processes. 

All the products are tested as per AARL test methods and with each and every consignment detailed Certificate of Analysis (COA) is provided. Further, we provide technical services and guidance for the economical use of our product. We hope you will definitely enjoy a very favorable cost-effective operation by using CEGC SeriesAll CEGC Series products are available at very competitive prices.