Ceycarb (PVT) LTD.,
67/20 A, Second Floor, Nattarampotha,
Kundasale, Sri lanka, 20168.


We, Ceycarb possess advanced value-added technologies for manufacturing all types of activated carbon products, including exceptional and tailor-made products for various applications.

The total annual production capacity is 12000MT of coconut shell-based products, 8500MT of coal-based products, and 2800MT of wood-based products. The company manufactures Granular activated carbon, Powdered activated carbon, Coconut Shell-based, and Coal based pellets, and value-added products such as Acid washed, Catalytic, and Impregnated activated carbons in these facilities. Any of the above (or requested sizes) can be processed in acid washing and impregnation processes. Moreover, Carbon Molecular Sieves and coal-based and coconut shell- based pellet carbons of normal, catalytic, and impregnated grades are also available for gas phase applications.

Coconut Shell Based

Using our advanced, ecologically friendly technique, we create high-quality activated carbon from carefully chosen coconut shells.


Coal Based

With the help of our cutting-edge methods, we produce Low Ash counted Coal based activated carbon, which is extensively utilized in applications for gas, water, and wastewater purification.


Wood Based

We make high-quality wood-based activated carbon that is perfect for the food and beverage sector as well as water by utilizing three key technologies: steam, phosphoric acid, and zinc chloride activation