With a majority of our service offering catering to large scale industrial clientele, our in-house team of expert engineers will leave no variable unaccounted for in devising a solution to match your needs, while ensuring our contribution towards a sustainable future. Backed by a team of researchers that constantly seek to push the boundaries on the various applications of the incredibly versatile product that is activated carbon, we at Ceycarb are constantly striving to evolve beyond the constraints of industry.

Whether your company is looking to maximise cost effectiveness by enabling the recycling of raw materials and catalysts, stabilise contaminant levels for a safer, better yielding production process, or minimise ecological impact through more stringent purification procedures, Ceycarb is willing and enthusiastic to aid your journey towards the future – and the future is in carbon.


Return of spent activated carbon

Ceycarb return back spent activated carbon for reactivation or regeneration with the view of contributing to a better environment, less CO emissions and less use of natural resources and ultimately sustainable greener world through CSR.

Optimum Solution

In addition to wide range of high quality activated carbon products,  Ceycarb offers wide range of industrial processes related products including molecular sieves, catalysts etc and which help to overcome our customers problems in numerous ways and can offer very  efficient and cost-effective solution.

Professional advice

Our consultants and Engineers are always ready for all your questions and problems.

Field Services

arbon and media exchange
The activated carbon solutions we provide to supplement your air, water, and chemical processing units are based on a highly potent purification method, but the medium is prone to degrade over time. Many of the extensive processes in which our products are used mean that they can be exhausted and require replacement, or may need intermittent treatment.
Fortunately, it is a renewable resource, and Ceycarb can assist you with such support services, including media removal and replacement of activated carbon and anthracite. We ensure that the spent carbon is either disposed of safely, or reactivated if possible for future use.

Technical Services and Quality Control

Application evaluation and testing

The solutions we provide, and the scale at which they are implemented, mean that we are subject to the very same stringent quality standards placed on our clients – we cannot help you achieve your targets unless we can outperform our own!

To live up to this promise of quality, Ceycarb relies on its well-equipped laboratories and expert researchers to test all products under standards such as ASTM, IIS, DIN, AARL, and any other standards as required by our clients. 

While we trust in the strength of our product, we also believe in building on the unshakeable foundation of human expertise, which has proven a key factor in our success. Our scientists and engineers bring over 25 years of knowledge to the table, pushing ourselves and our customers towards ever higher levels of efficiency through practical, effective measures at all stages of operation.


Precise Lab testing

Determining the exhausted amount of activated carbon and Carbon loading calculations