Ceycarb (PVT) LTD.,
67/20 A, Second Floor, Nattarampotha,
Kundasale, Sri lanka, 20168.
specially design systems for your applications


In addition to activated carbon and other product supplies, Ceycarb offers custom-designed and pre-engineered, self-contained adsorption systems for any adsorption applications that can be quickly delivered and easily installed at any treatment site. Ceycarb offers several service packages for transporting spent material from the customers’ sites. We also offer specially designed systems for your applications and the systems will be serviced by Ceycarb periodically.

The wide range of equipment we offer at Ceycarb varies from home-use applications, such as water purifiers and air filters, to industrial-grade solutions, such as municipal wastewater treatment solutions. From 55-gallon drums to 10-foot-diameter vessels, we cater to clients at all scales with the same discerning eye for quality that is assured by our state-of-the-art laboratory.
Our priority is to deliver on our promise of sustainable purity, avoiding the use of toxic or even harsh chemicals, to ensure that our solutions not only benefit our customers, but also the environment around us – our products are harvested from sustainable sources, and used for sustainable ends.