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To generate activated carbon, coconut shells, which would otherwise be a waste product of coconut harvesting, are combined with high-quality coal and wood. To ensure that the carbon within is broken down to its most useful form, we use a careful activation process.
The activated carbon products we provide have plentiful benefits because of their strong capacity to filter undesirable by-products that frequently result from industrial processes and bottleneck output yields, remove toxins from other materials, even at the molecular level, and enable purer standards in the refinery of petroleum and precious metals, among many other capacities.
Our products can be used in the purification of water, food and beverages, metals, gas and air treatment, petroleum refinery, medicine development, and precious metal extraction.
We provide numerous ready-made products to meet the needs of this wide range of applications, as well as the ability to create customized solutions to meet the needs of your specific use-case scenario.