Ceycarb (PVT) LTD.,
67/20 A, Second Floor, Nattarampotha,
Kundasale, Sri lanka, 20168.

Food and Beverages Industry

Ceycarb offers a wide range of products for different applications during the various stages of the production processes such as:

Decolorization     Deodorization      Elimination of contaminants      
DE chlorination          Deionization

De colorize sugar syrups, dextrose, fructose, and other food products.
Decaffeinate of coffee and tea.
Harmful compound removal from edible oils.
DE chlorination and de-ionization processes in soft drinks and beer industries.
De colorization and deodorization of glycerin.
Remove unwanted taste and deodorization and/or de colorization of beverages such as wine, beer, vodka, etc.