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Because of its unequaled success in eliminating pollutants to generate purer refined goods, the petroleum sector, which produces fuel, polymers, and even pharmaceutical raw materials, is highly reliant on the usage of activated carbon as an adsorbent. Furthermore, it offers an efficient technique for collecting and sorting the various by-products of the refining process, which are important in a variety of other applications.

Activated carbon also helps to maintain process efficiency by minimizing corrosion and wasting of equipment and expensive catalysts caused by high amounts of specific compounds generated during refining, while allowing for resource recycling and so lowering process costs.
This well-rounded combination of benefits, not to mention the level of sustainability it adds to operations, makes Ceycarb’s activated carbon products, along with our expertise in implementing these solutions, your best choice for guaranteeing better, purer yields that are good for your company, your consumers, and your environment.

Gas scrubbing

Gas scrubbers are used to treat gas treatment liquids such as Benefield solution, DEA, MEA etc. The removal of inorganic compound gases such as Hydrogen Sulfide and carbon dioxide from natural gas requires amines, which dissolve and remove these compounds from refinery gases, in a process known as “sweetening”. However, the amines themselves require treatment to maintain their purity so that they can effectively conduct the adsorption process without having to be replaced repeatedly.

Ceycarb can provide an adequate supply of activated carbon for this process, with the ideal pore size and particle distribution to match the scale of your processing plant’s requirements, allowing the recovery of treatment solutions for further adsorption, thus boosting overall efficiency.

Air/gas purifiers

Gaseous byproducts of the refinery process can pose potent health and environmental risks due to the dangerous contaminants produced, which calls for stringent filtration and foolproof storage to prevent contaminants from leaking. Activated carbon has become a go-to solution in this regard, due to its effectiveness in eliminating sulfur compounds, mercury, organics, Sulfuric compounds, and other contaminants produced in refineries.

The potent adsorption levels offered through Ceycarb’s activated carbon products including sulfur impregnated pellets and solutions open an ideal pathway to controlling the levels of such by-products so that any emissions not only meet international standards but also prevent damage to the processing facility and its surrounding environment over the long term.