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Kundasale, Sri lanka, 20168.

Our Services

At Ceycarb, we understand that the future lies in sustainability, and so we contribute through our production of activated carbon. Repurposing coconut shells – which would otherwise be a waste product of coconut harvesting – in combination with high-quality coal and wood to generate the required heat, we use a careful activation process to ensure that the carbon within is broken down to its most useful form.

Our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory, manned by qualified experts in the field, allows us to achieve unparalleled precision in research, development, and testing. This is how our products are able to conform to the stringent standards of quality management we require to follow through with efficient solutions for the most demanding processes.
Ceycarb brings all these elements together – a well-designed range of products with versatile applications, a team of researchers and engineers with over 25 years of expertise, a project management approach that seeks to understand the issue our customer needs to solve, and continued technical support over time – to not just deliver a product or a service but to fulfill our promise of a sustainable solution.

Technical Services and Quality Control

Application evaluation and testing

The solutions we provide, and the scale at which they are implemented, mean that we are subject to the very same stringent quality standards placed on our clients – we cannot help you achieve your targets unless we can outperform our own!

To live up to this promise of quality, Ceycarb relies on its well-equipped laboratories and expert researchers to test all products under standards such as ASTM, IIS, DIN, AARL, and any other standards as required by our clients.

While we trust in the strength of our product, we also believe in building on the unshakeable foundation of human expertise, which has proven a key factor in our success. Our scientists and engineers bring over 25 years of knowledge to the table, pushing ourselves and our customers towards ever-higher levels of efficiency through practical, effective measures at all stages of operation.


Field Services

Carbon and media exchange

The activated carbon solutions we provide to supplement your air, water, and chemical processing units are based on a highly potent purification method, but the medium is prone to degrade over time. Many of the extensive processes in which our products are used mean that they can be exhausted and require replacement, or may need intermittent treatment.

Fortunately, it is a renewable resource, and Ceycarb can assist you with such support services, including media removal and replacement of activated carbon and anthracite. We ensure that the spent carbon is either disposed of safely or reactivated if possible, for future use.